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"PASS Tutors has been tutoring our daughter for the last year and we have noticed a real uplift in her Maths and English ability. PASS Tutors is excellent, professional, kind and they really know their stuff! Would highly recommend them. My daughter really looks forward to her sessions and they have really helped her to become a confident learner."

"PASS Tutors have been fantastic with my daughter. I have always supported her throughout school but I found that as she was preparing for 11+ exams, I had a limited knowledge of the latest teaching methods and my teaching methods seemed to clash with the way that they were taught at school. PASS Tutors helped my daughter with her Wandsworth test and the tests for private and grammar schools. My daughter was offered a place in Tiffins Girls grammar school and I can thank PASS Tutors for that."

"We have been using PASS Tutors for some time now for both English and Maths. Our child is 12 and at secondary school. She’s doing well in both subjects but benefits massively from the extra support she gets from PASS Tutors. This top up has been incredibly helpful both to prepare her for exams formerly and now to keep her on track and inspired, actually. She enjoys her sessions and her confidence has been boosted no end. I would highly recommend them for 11+ and beyond."

"I continue to recommend PASS Tutors to friends as I have found all their tutors to be great. They have always been well prepared and supportive towards all my children and I use them on a continual basis. They were very encouraging and gave them good tips for the exams which was reflected in their top level GCSE grades."

"PASS Tutors tutored our daughter for her 11 plus entrance exams. We found PASS Tutors to be completely in a league of their own compared to other tutors. Their lessons are exceptionally well organised and they are systematic in their teaching. PASS Tutors were always very willing to discuss progress and offer guidance and advice. We feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of PASS Tutors' expertise in preparing our daughter for her exams."

"PASS Tutors tutored my son through Years 5 and 6 as we prepared for the 11+ assessment at various South West London schools. Their patient and friendly approach undoubtedly helped our son secure a place at a school that he might otherwise not have done. PASS Tutors were also a great help in explaining to us the differences between schools and recommending the most appropriate for our son. He is now thriving in Year 7 in a school that suits him perfectly."

"When my son was preparing for the Oundle School entrance tests, I asked PASS Tutors to help with English and Maths. Their in-depth knowledge of the subjects and of what was required for the tests was exceptional. PASS Tutors were very organised, thorough, and had a patient approach. My son very much enjoyed his sessions with them and definitely improved in confidence, especially in Maths. Throughout, PASS Tutors were always motivating and encouraging. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

"PASS Tutors were Maths tutor to my son and daughter, during which time they helped them prepare for 13+ Common Entrance in the UK for Harrow and Benenden. Both received excellent scores on their Maths papers! They are punctual, engaging, and explain Maths in a way both my children can easily grasp. As a result, they now love the subject and are on track for A* grades at their respective schools."