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With more than 1,300 Independent UK Schools, and in excess of 500,000 pupils therein, making an informed decision about which school is best for your child can be daunting. Whether you need help finding a suitable school, are relocating to the UK, or simply aren’t happy with your current situation, PASS Tutors is proud to offer accurate, unbiased insight to help you make the best choice.

Our services include: 

Academic Assessment:
An assessment in core subjects will help determine what school is best suited to your child and clarify required steps to achieve entry. We are happy to assess your child at one of our centres, or send you a pack for them to complete, after which one of our qualified staff will review it in detail. We also encourage a pupil's opinion and interests to be taken into account to further inform school selection.

UK School Consultancy:
We provide you with a bespoke, detailed overview of top independent schools in your chosen area, and assist your understanding of the British School System’s many complexities. We offer this consultation by phone or Skype. If you are relocating to the UK and have yet to determine your area, we can connect with your property search company to assist your search.

UK Support:
Should additional work be required to ensure requisite standards are reached at assessment, PASS Tutors offer workshops and one-on-one tutoring. 

Global support:
PASS Tutors offer tailored online tutoring to help facilitate transition until your family are back in the UK, and give you access to the UK teacher and tutoring network immediately. We are proud to offer these classes at the same high standard as lessons taught in person.